Our Last Post


So…. the semester is coming to a close and unfortunately this is going to be our last post. We’ve had a good few weeks running this blog and think that there’s a lot of good content here that supports trans people. Our goal was to promote trans acceptance and highlight the social atrocities  they face in the media and everyday life.

We know that there are some great people out there that just want to be accepted and the more we do to help them feel comfortable enough to come out, the better we’ll be. Now stay with me I know this sounds mushy and corny, but love makes the world go ’round and acceptance is the first step.

We love our trans brothers and sisters and know that the fight is still going, but it’s gaining more and more support every day. We like to think that means more activists will come out and more people will become accepting of differences in others.


We’ve written on a lot of topics the past 4 weeks on topics like the ‘bathroom bill’ and violence against trans people. All of which you can see in our archives.

This blog will stand as a testament to the value of trans lives. If you’re trans and reading this we want you to know that we accept you and we hope you feel that this blog has helped in recognizing your struggle and given you comfort in the fact that we care.

This has been fun guys.. see you next time.


“So like are you really trans?”

This here is a PSA to inform all that asking transgender people inappropriate questions and claiming it’s to educate themselves is NOT cute. Who do you think you are, non-transgender person!? Why do some people think it’s okay ask people about their parts below the belt? Or pry into someone else’s sex life because they feel entitled to know how transgender people “work”? Please have a seat, Sir/Madam/Non-gender conforming individual. No, actually have several seats.


Stuff like that really pisses me off. If someone walked up to a cisgendered person and asked them some of the insane questions transgender people get asked…Lord knows it wouldn’t be pretty. That person would be called a creep, pervert, pig, insensitive (and the list goes on). Not to mention if said person asked is a minor, the asker would most likely be called a pedo. Yes… transgender people who are minors get asked questions like these too *heavy sigh*.

I actually read about blogger, Noah Wolter, who wrote about their unwanted transgender Q&A.  Some of the questions they get asked include variations of: “Did you get THE surgery yet?”, “What’s your REAL name?”, “How do you have sex?” and the infamous, “What bathroom do you use?”.



In what world is asking questions like that, especially to complete strangers, acceptable? I know some may honestly be curious but there are a million other questions you can ask someone who is transgender that don’t involve a NSFW warning.

And what kind of question is, “What’s you REAL name?” anyway? What’s YOUR real name Bob? Hmmm hmmmm? Sure thing, Sam…if that’s your REAL name! Just call people what they tell you to call them. Making things complicated for no reason!


Wolter also made a very valid point, suggesting or assuming that a trans person has had surgery is problematic. A transgender person does not need to have surgery in order to validate their gender change. Having surgery does not make one any more man or woman than they were before the surgical sex change. It can be a slap in the face for those who don’t desire a surgery to “finalize” their transition. Are they not good enough for cisgenders? Give them a break! It’s bad enough they are ridiculed for even being brave enough to come out as trans, now people are making them feel like they have to go under the knife in order to fit societal beauty standards?!


Some might not have ill intentions when they ask these questions. People are people. And some people are nosy as hell and don’t think before they start running their mouths. Use your noggins, folks.

Jeez, for a group of people that get offended when you ask them a question about income and salary…folks sure know how to ask a lot of personal questions. Transgender people are PEOPLE with emotions and freakin’ personal lives. They aren’t immune to embarrassment or anger when you bombard them with questions or staring (like people who stare are so rude OMG). They deserve respect. If you respect them, you need to respect their privacy. With that being said, if you think your question sounds distasteful or offensive, it probably is. Hey, when in doubt, shut your mouth…just might keep ya outta trouble!


Is an “R” Rating Really Necessary for 3 Generations?

3 generations

The organization GLAAD has recently called for a rating change from R to PG-13 for the movie about a teenage trans boy, and how his mother and grandmother advocate for him, called 3 Generations.

Though this movie has faced controversy for casting a cis-female as a trans boy, it’s a step in the right direction for media representation. This is especially important because it was made for teens and it needs to be available for them.

Join GLAAD in signing their petition here.

(BTW this exact rating change has been done for other movies with content for and about young kids, like the documentary Bully.)


Being Trans isn’t a “Fad”

A recent article published by Independent talks about how right-wing blogs are claiming that being transgender is a fad. These blogs say that “Being young and transgender has become the new hotness on the left.”

Lol yeah… of course that nonsense was shut down completely in their refutation, check it out. Here are some great tweets they used to counter that argument.

All Aboard the Struggle Bus of Intolerance

There are points in my life where I just have to sit back and wonder why people have to be so damn extra about things. Like when middle aged white women act like spoiled toddlers when not catered to at restaurants in just the right fashion, or when sorority girls talk about how much they love and adore their big, who they met seriously like 5 minutes ago, but they can already feel the love and deep bond that they just now share.

Or, I don’t know, when two conservative groups band together and decide that a giant orange transgender shaming monstrosity on four wheels is a good idea, and will undoubtedly change many minds and convert people to their backwards way of thinking.

Here’s the giant orange doom rectangle now:


Sponsors of the giant tangerine doom-mobile told BBC news that they wanted to promote the “truth of gender” and think that gender is defined by biology rather than emotions. The bus was met with protests in Boston, where their mayor gave a speech on the city’s support of the transgender community. The bus had its very first stop in New York, where it was promptly vandalized in record time.

A spokesman for one of the organizations that funded the marigold harassment wagon said that he was “disappointed that people who preach tolerance and acceptance reacted to the bus by lashing out”.

download (1)

He was disappointed? Disappointed that his attempt at dividing people and causing prejudice and hate backfired? What exactly was he expecting when he paraded this thing through New York, one of the most, if not THE most, diverse and modern places in our country?

The organizations clearly wanted to turn people against the transgender community, but this is absurd. They called out an entire people, not for the North Dakota Access Pipeline fiasco, not for the lack of action in Flint, Michigan and certainly not for the recent spike in human trafficking abductions across the country.

No, they have decided to go after a community of people who are just trying to liberate themselves and become who they are in the pursuit of their own happiness.


Calling out transgender individuals like this is wrong and, frankly, inhumane. There was no other agenda for the bus other than promoting their truth about how they perceive biology and gender. They were not looking for a bathroom bill, they simply wanted to voice their opinion on how people should live their lives, as you can clearly see from their campaign’s page.

The ‘free speech bus’ has been met with opposition, with “trans rights” being written on the sides and the front window being smashed in when the bus parked in front of the United Nations headquarters, according to the Washington Post.

But resistance to the campaign has also been met online, in the form of a brand new video game.  The game allows you to play as a beloved video game character and beat up the bus. imrs

The protests, vandalism and video game depicts just how unwanted this campaign is, especially along the East Coast, where all of its stops are. People have begun calling the bus the ‘hate speech bus.’

The campaign itself has no place in modern times, and with no clear purpose other than spreading hate and intolerance, public outcry has shown just that.