All Aboard the Struggle Bus of Intolerance

There are points in my life where I just have to sit back and wonder why people have to be so damn extra about things. Like when middle aged white women act like spoiled toddlers when not catered to at restaurants in just the right fashion, or when sorority girls talk about how much they love and adore their big, who they met seriously like 5 minutes ago, but they can already feel the love and deep bond that they just now share.

Or, I don’t know, when two conservative groups band together and decide that a giant orange transgender shaming monstrosity on four wheels is a good idea, and will undoubtedly change many minds and convert people to their backwards way of thinking.

Here’s the giant orange doom rectangle now:


Sponsors of the giant tangerine doom-mobile told BBC news that they wanted to promote the “truth of gender” and think that gender is defined by biology rather than emotions. The bus was met with protests in Boston, where their mayor gave a speech on the city’s support of the transgender community. The bus had its very first stop in New York, where it was promptly vandalized in record time.

A spokesman for one of the organizations that funded the marigold harassment wagon said that he was “disappointed that people who preach tolerance and acceptance reacted to the bus by lashing out”.

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He was disappointed? Disappointed that his attempt at dividing people and causing prejudice and hate backfired? What exactly was he expecting when he paraded this thing through New York, one of the most, if not THE most, diverse and modern places in our country?

The organizations clearly wanted to turn people against the transgender community, but this is absurd. They called out an entire people, not for the North Dakota Access Pipeline fiasco, not for the lack of action in Flint, Michigan and certainly not for the recent spike in human trafficking abductions across the country.

No, they have decided to go after a community of people who are just trying to liberate themselves and become who they are in the pursuit of their own happiness.


Calling out transgender individuals like this is wrong and, frankly, inhumane. There was no other agenda for the bus other than promoting their truth about how they perceive biology and gender. They were not looking for a bathroom bill, they simply wanted to voice their opinion on how people should live their lives, as you can clearly see from their campaign’s page.

The ‘free speech bus’ has been met with opposition, with “trans rights” being written on the sides and the front window being smashed in when the bus parked in front of the United Nations headquarters, according to the Washington Post.

But resistance to the campaign has also been met online, in the form of a brand new video game.  The game allows you to play as a beloved video game character and beat up the bus. imrs

The protests, vandalism and video game depicts just how unwanted this campaign is, especially along the East Coast, where all of its stops are. People have begun calling the bus the ‘hate speech bus.’

The campaign itself has no place in modern times, and with no clear purpose other than spreading hate and intolerance, public outcry has shown just that.




“Survivor” Contestant Outed on Television

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Last Wednesday an episode of the hit reality show “Survivor” aired in which a contest, named Jeff Varner, publicly outed fellow contestant Zeke Smith for being transgender in an attempt to save himself from elimination.

Varner purposely tried to portray Zeke as being a manipulative liar by using his transgender identity against him. Thankfully, his fellow contestants saw through his strategy and voted Varner off the show.

Since then, Varner has been reportedly fired from his job and criticized on social media.

Smith’s attitude towards the episode has reportedly been one of optimism. The show’s host, Jeff Probst, said in an article published by The New York Times that Smith has been trying to make something great from this situation, and we wish him all the best.

As for Mr. Varner:

Zeke smith

‘Bathroom Bill’


‘Bathroom Bill’ is a common term referring to the rights, or lack thereof, of transgender people to use public restrooms or facilities because of how they identify.

Over the past few years, dozens of stories have surfaced from transgender individuals saying that they were denied access to bathrooms in schools and businesses because they identify as a gender different from what they were born as.

The fact that politicians, school faculty and business owners are scrambling to keep transgender individuals out of bathrooms is ridiculous. No one should have to desperately hold the in their bladder because they’re worried about a confrontation.

In an article written on March 7th, 2017 titled “Texas Republicans Take First Step Toward Anti-Trans Bathroom Bill,” Huffington Post reporter Roque Planas explains how Texans are trying to force transgender individuals to use bathrooms which are connected to their birth certificate, even if they have undergone the hormonal or surgical procedures to appear as the gender they identify as.

This means that a person who was born male, but has since fully transitioned to identify as female would be required to use the men’s bathroom at gyms, schools, restaurants, bars, everywhere.

Not only is this humiliating, since they will be effectively outed for being transgender in public spheres, but it opens transgender individuals up for harassment and assault.

Supporters of the Texas bill said that they would feel uncomfortable if they had to use the bathroom with transgender people, to that I say:


This isn’t just a matter of comfort to transgender individuals, this could quite seriously be a matter of life and death to some, especially in a state so conservative and anti anything that is not a straight, white male.

Really though, I’m not surprised this is coming from Texas. I once took a course on women’s history, and a big chunk of that class was about modern day women’s and LGBT issues. One of the most comical of these issues was centered around another piece of Texas legislation.

According to a law, undoubtedly passed by several decrepit old white men, in Texas you cannot go into a sex shop, where one would buy sex toys or lingerie, and ask to buy a dildo. The store attendants will inform you they did not sell dildos, they sell “sexual education demonstration models,” which are the same exact thing, but Texas law requires them to be labeled as “demonstration models” for their sale to be legal.

Obviously Texas legislatures cannot stand to see things used, in such cases as bathrooms and “sexual education demonstration models,” in any other way as they want them used. Which to me is extremely ironic, since conservatives have always wanted government to be limited enough to stay out of their business.

At this point though, I’m sure transgender individuals just want the government to stay out of where they do their business.

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