Quote of the Day: R-e-s-p-e-c-t



Transgender Suicide Awareness

Maybe I picked today’s topic to be about suicide because I’ve been watching the Netflix series, “13 Reasons Why” which is about a girl who kills herself, and I wanted to add to the feeling of how important an issue this is. In general, no one should ever feel like they no longer belong in this world. Everyone in this world is given life for a purpose and they need to know that. Whether that is to love, grow, or experience new things. When it comes to the struggles being faced today they also need to know they’re not alone in this world because others may be going through the same things. It’s not worth risking their lives over.

This issue is usually one that people rather not touch. I completely understand as it’s a heartbreaking and painful subject. Even the transgender community are often afraid to speak of it because sadly transgender individuals are at a higher risk of suicide. According to this Huffington Post article: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/brynn-tannehill/the-truth-about-transgend_b_8564834.html, 40% of transgender individuals have attempted suicide. This is something that needs immediate attention and we can’t just ignore it. All these individuals want is to be accepted by society for who they are and if they’re not getting that it can drive them over the edge where they might end up doing something drastic like suicide. This is why we need to be there for them more then ever.

The media is trying to promote helping them today with hotlines to call for help and having celebrity advocates. Caitlyn Jenner, who in 2015 made her transition as a transgender women right before our eyes, is an advocate for preventing teen transgender suicide. The more people that can advocate for this the more we can bring awareness on this issue and help transgender individuals never feel rejected in society.


Food For Thought: Transgender Bathroom User

A transgender women named Kat Blaque, a YouTube personality and transgender rights activist, gives a food for thought in this video where she talks about how transgender people are not looking to assault or harass people in the bathroom, they are looking to use the bathroom just to use the bathroom like any other human being. The bathroom bill is not going to do anything to prevent assaults from happening. Issues with the bathroom bill and assault are what transgender individuals are facing today and to be more aware I highly recommend watching this video down below!

Texas Bathroom Bill

Light needs to be shed on this ongoing issue that transgender individuals in some states are not being allowed access into public restrooms that don’t correspond to the gender on their birth certificates. These government officials that make these so called rules are only discriminating against transgender individuals that just want to be accepted for being themselves. This issue has gone on for far too long and justice needs to be brought for these individuals that are going through this for once and for all. The people of Texas need to know that this proposed ‘bathroom bill’ is immoral and it will cost the state millions of dollars.

A news article written January 11th, 2017 titled, “Texas Lt Gov. Not Worried About Bathroom Bill Costing The State Money,” by Huffington Post reporter Roque Planas talks about the Lieutenant governor of Texas Dan Patrick arguing his reasoning for why the anti-trans bathroom bill in Texas will not be costly to the state. This article highlights Patrick explaining that his bathroom bill differs from that of North Carolina’s bathroom bill which has been a huge financial burden for North Carolina due to many boycotts by businesses, sporting events, and more. Patrick states that the difference between his bill and North Carolina’s bill are his bill omits the term ‘original birth certificate,’ which allows trans-gender people to change the gender on their birth certificate. North Carolina’s bill makes no distinction between original birth certificates or current birth certificates. He even goes far enough to say, “when we introduce men into ladies’ room, we introduce a danger…. It’s not the transgender community, because they can get their birth certificates changed if it’s legitimate.” This is a fabricated threat made up to target trans people. If a man was planning to harm a women in a bathroom (god forbid) then this bill would be the last thing to stop that from happening. A man would not need to first pose and dress as a women to do so.

The Texas bill is actually very comparable to the North Carolina bill. Mara Keisling, the head of the National Center for Transgender Equality, demonstrates this as she mentions, “the Texas bathroom bill is just as discriminatory as North Carolina’s.” A survey conducted by her group found that because of bureaucratic obstacles and high costs of changing gender on birth certificates, only 9% of transgender people would actually change their gender on their birth certificate. Also, according to Wired magazine the North Carolina bill cost them a lot of money, $400 million in six months to be exact. Texas would take an even bigger hit as the state’s economy is one the largest. Transgender men who identify as ladies are not causing any harm going into the ladies room and vice versa. This bill should be dropped and we should give trans people the freedom of identifying as they please and allow them to embrace themselves.