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“Survivor” Contestant Outed on Television

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Last Wednesday an episode of the hit reality show “Survivor” aired in which a contest, named Jeff Varner, publicly outed fellow contestant Zeke Smith for being transgender in an attempt to save himself from elimination.

Varner purposely tried to portray Zeke as being a manipulative liar by using his transgender identity against him. Thankfully, his fellow contestants saw through his strategy and voted Varner off the show.

Since then, Varner has been reportedly fired from his job and criticized on social media.

Smith’s attitude towards the episode has reportedly been one of optimism. The show’s host, Jeff Probst, said in an article published by The New York Times that Smith has been trying to make something great from this situation, and we wish him all the best.

As for Mr. Varner:

Zeke smith

Food For Thought: Transgender Bathroom User

A transgender women named Kat Blaque, a YouTube personality and transgender rights activist, gives a food for thought in this video where she talks about how transgender people are not looking to assault or harass people in the bathroom, they are looking to use the bathroom just to use the bathroom like any other human being. The bathroom bill is not going to do anything to prevent assaults from happening. Issues with the bathroom bill and assault are what transgender individuals are facing today and to be more aware I highly recommend watching this video down below!