Texas Bathroom Bill

Light needs to be shed on this ongoing issue that transgender individuals in some states are not being allowed access into public restrooms that don’t correspond to the gender on their birth certificates. These government officials that make these so called rules are only discriminating against transgender individuals that just want to be accepted for being themselves. This issue has gone on for far too long and justice needs to be brought for these individuals that are going through this for once and for all. The people of Texas need to know that this proposed ‘bathroom bill’ is immoral and it will cost the state millions of dollars.

A news article written January 11th, 2017 titled, “Texas Lt Gov. Not Worried About Bathroom Bill Costing The State Money,” by Huffington Post reporter Roque Planas talks about the Lieutenant governor of Texas Dan Patrick arguing his reasoning for why the anti-trans bathroom bill in Texas will not be costly to the state. This article highlights Patrick explaining that his bathroom bill differs from that of North Carolina’s bathroom bill which has been a huge financial burden for North Carolina due to many boycotts by businesses, sporting events, and more. Patrick states that the difference between his bill and North Carolina’s bill are his bill omits the term ‘original birth certificate,’ which allows trans-gender people to change the gender on their birth certificate. North Carolina’s bill makes no distinction between original birth certificates or current birth certificates. He even goes far enough to say, “when we introduce men into ladies’ room, we introduce a danger…. It’s not the transgender community, because they can get their birth certificates changed if it’s legitimate.” This is a fabricated threat made up to target trans people. If a man was planning to harm a women in a bathroom (god forbid) then this bill would be the last thing to stop that from happening. A man would not need to first pose and dress as a women to do so.

The Texas bill is actually very comparable to the North Carolina bill. Mara Keisling, the head of the National Center for Transgender Equality, demonstrates this as she mentions, “the Texas bathroom bill is just as discriminatory as North Carolina’s.” A survey conducted by her group found that because of bureaucratic obstacles and high costs of changing gender on birth certificates, only 9% of transgender people would actually change their gender on their birth certificate. Also, according to Wired magazine the North Carolina bill cost them a lot of money, $400 million in six months to be exact. Texas would take an even bigger hit as the state’s economy is one the largest. Transgender men who identify as ladies are not causing any harm going into the ladies room and vice versa. This bill should be dropped and we should give trans people the freedom of identifying as they please and allow them to embrace themselves.


Bathroom User Speaks Out

Here’s a Facebook video from Seriously.tv describing the “issue” with transgender people using the bathroom. This video suggests conservative rhetoric is anti-trans people and that allowing them in bathrooms is dangerous to women. It’s a good reminder about how threatened women actually feel about having trans people in their bathrooms. Check it out below.


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‘Bathroom Bill’


‘Bathroom Bill’ is a common term referring to the rights, or lack thereof, of transgender people to use public restrooms or facilities because of how they identify.

Over the past few years, dozens of stories have surfaced from transgender individuals saying that they were denied access to bathrooms in schools and businesses because they identify as a gender different from what they were born as.

The fact that politicians, school faculty and business owners are scrambling to keep transgender individuals out of bathrooms is ridiculous. No one should have to desperately hold the in their bladder because they’re worried about a confrontation.

In an article written on March 7th, 2017 titled “Texas Republicans Take First Step Toward Anti-Trans Bathroom Bill,” Huffington Post reporter Roque Planas explains how Texans are trying to force transgender individuals to use bathrooms which are connected to their birth certificate, even if they have undergone the hormonal or surgical procedures to appear as the gender they identify as.

This means that a person who was born male, but has since fully transitioned to identify as female would be required to use the men’s bathroom at gyms, schools, restaurants, bars, everywhere.

Not only is this humiliating, since they will be effectively outed for being transgender in public spheres, but it opens transgender individuals up for harassment and assault.

Supporters of the Texas bill said that they would feel uncomfortable if they had to use the bathroom with transgender people, to that I say:


This isn’t just a matter of comfort to transgender individuals, this could quite seriously be a matter of life and death to some, especially in a state so conservative and anti anything that is not a straight, white male.

Really though, I’m not surprised this is coming from Texas. I once took a course on women’s history, and a big chunk of that class was about modern day women’s and LGBT issues. One of the most comical of these issues was centered around another piece of Texas legislation.

According to a law, undoubtedly passed by several decrepit old white men, in Texas you cannot go into a sex shop, where one would buy sex toys or lingerie, and ask to buy a dildo. The store attendants will inform you they did not sell dildos, they sell “sexual education demonstration models,” which are the same exact thing, but Texas law requires them to be labeled as “demonstration models” for their sale to be legal.

Obviously Texas legislatures cannot stand to see things used, in such cases as bathrooms and “sexual education demonstration models,” in any other way as they want them used. Which to me is extremely ironic, since conservatives have always wanted government to be limited enough to stay out of their business.

At this point though, I’m sure transgender individuals just want the government to stay out of where they do their business.

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